Do you suffer from arthritis or other inflammatory symptoms? Did you know that your diet can influence and affect the extent to which these problems surface? It’s not a cure, but eating the right things can ease the aches and pains.

Below are 6 of the most popularly stated ingredients for helping to manage discomfort.


Fish of the fatty kind are, as we know, full to the brim with omega-3 acids. Omega-3 is proven to help reduce inflammation. Omega-3 is also said to increase the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory drugs.



Rich in Calcium and sulforaphane (a substance found to have positive effects in muting the onset of osteoarthritis) broccoli has real benefits. The calcium and iron are great for your bones too!



We know nuts as a great alternative source of protein, but they are also filled with calcium, vitamin E, magnesium and fibre. They have been shown to help with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.



Think you have an excuse to get out of curry night every other Tuesday? Think again! In fact, the capsaicinoids in chillis have been shown to have anti-inflammatory purposes. Better order that vindaloo after all…



Olives, plus olive oil, contain the anti-inflammatory properties of oleocanthal. Extra-virgin is the type to get, and drizzle it over a juicy tomato salad for a double hit on your aches.




Grab a handful and go. Berries are one of the quickest and easiest ways to intake anti-inflammatory properties from food. Strawberries are said to be the best, but any berry with a red tint are commonly thought of as good choices.