With the sun out more and more often, we really should be making the most of the outside space at home. Get your vitamin-D and some light exercise with these tips for making gardening a little bit easier on our bodies!


The first port of call is your tool shed. The wrong type of tool (especially ones of low quality) will put more strain on the user (you!). Most tools have ergonomic alternatives now, so there’s no excuse for swapping old ones for new if gardening is your thing.

Spring chicken‘ has a great range including tools for easy reach (e.g. long handle trowels and forks) and mobility aids such as this rolling work seat.


Don’t underestimate a good gardening glove! As we become older, our skin becomes slightly less robust and is worth protecting – especially if your garden contains plants of the spiky variety!

Gardening gloves don’t need to be stuffy and plain either. Check out The Independent’s picks – with gloves ranging in price from £3 to £25.

Vertical planting

Planting in the ground is so 20th century! See all that blank fence and wall space? Fill it with plants!

Vertical planters are a brilliant way to avoid bending down for general maintenance. “Living walls”, to take vertical planting to it’s beautiful conclusion, create some of the most stunning displays going. Take a look.

Raised beds

Raised beds are the ‘go-to’ advice when it comes to advising those with less mobility or bad backs. Simply put, raising your flower beds up worth a more comfortable heights means much less stress on your body as you move about the garden. Plus it makes a nice change from the norm and gives your space a nice multi-level effect.

Power tools

Let’s be honest with ourselves – some of the weightier power tools (chainsaws, hedge trimmers etc) were a bit tough to handle even with youth on our side! It’s best to get in the professionals for bigger jobs. Look for gardeners with a bit of experience (and muscle) by asking friends and relatives or online at checkatrader.co.uk.

Stretch regularly

Take a few minutes now and again to stretch yourself out to prevent cramping up. Your back will thank you!

Little and often

Lastly, don’t try and take on massive tasks in one go unless you are a very dedicated gardener. What we don’t want is to get de-motivated before we even get going. Stay on top of it by doing a little, often.