How much of your shelf space is dedicated to storing those records you spent years collecting? Probably quite a lot. But as technology has moved on the record player has become a bit redundant – even though we just couldn’t part with those discs!

Dust them off and have a dance, as we take you through 5 players to get your records spinning again.

The Crosley Briefcase

There are a few variations of the Crosby briefcase, styled in a  retro fashion within a…you guessed it…briefcase. They cost from around £70, come in 8 different vintage-esque colours, built in speakers and have 3 speeds for your 7, 10 and 12 inch records.

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The Numark PT01

At £55, the Numark PT01 is styled similarly to the Crosley with a slightly more modern aesthetic. It has virtually the same features for all intents and purposes, but doesn’t quite have the same visual charm.

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The 1byone belt driven turntable

For £100, you can get something with a real 70’s wood look at a reasonable price. Again with built in speakers, 3 speeds plus the ability to record your vinyls to mp3 format, the 1byone is a good choice looking for a historical look with modern abilities.

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The Rega RP1 Turntable

For those of you looking for a more premium option, the Rega offers a super slick design with great quality sound. At almost £300, you’ll need to be a bit more of a purist. Put this in context of all the money tied up in those dusty records though and it soon seems like a fairly reasonable purchase to reignite all that music!

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