Do you know how much you are spending every month? Do you REALLY know? It is ever so easy to let the odd £5 or £10 out of sight. Soon, this adds up, and we’re left wondering what happened.

Keeping a budget sheet might seem stuffy, but it’s good practice. The best part is that you don’t even need to spend the time creating them – people have already done it for you! Here are some great templates to download (you will need Microsoft excel or a similar spreadsheet program).

Vertex42 offer 6 great template varieties, from a complex family set-up, to a simple household worksheet.

Mint have a sophisticated app which lets you plan your budgeting automatically via a smartphone. But for those less technically inclined, they also offer straightforward worksheets for download. Try the Household budget sheet.

If you’re using Excel, don’t forget that microsoft also provide some budgets for you to download. Although these come from the product experts themselves, some of them feel a little like filler. However, if youre looking for something ultra simplistic, it is a great place to start.