We recently published an article on the reasons why retirees might be looking at getting back to the workplace. That’s all well and good, but if you’re out of ideas then it’s not much use. “What jobs can I do now that I’m retired?” you maybe asking. So below, we’ve listed some perfect jobs to consider.

Temporary/contract/part time office work

Although not always the most interesting of jobs, office contracts tend to pay well and offer a variety of flexibility. If you’re considered a part-time employee of the company, and not of an agency, then you could also be on the receiving end of company benefits and further pension payments.

How much could you earn? – expect between minimum wage and £15 a hour depending on experience.

Become a BnB owner in your own house

Sign up with Airbnb and start renting space in your home to those looking for a place to stay on a temporary basis.

How much could you earn? – Anything up to £350 a week to rent out a single room, depending on location and the space you provide.


Use your knowledge and expertise to tutor the next generation. Harder subjects command higher rates, and you get the satisfaction of helping others and making a big difference to people trying to better themselves. Set your own hours and work when you want!

How much could you earn? – You set your own pricing, but £25 – £40 per hour isn’t an unreasonable expectation depending on your locale and customers.

Non-profit/charity work

If you’re just looking to get back into the swing of things and aren’t too worried about money, you can look to work for one of the thousands of non-profit organisations and charities in the UK. Just ask in your local charity shop about opportunities to help.

Tour guide

Love history or telling stories? Perhaps a tour guide would be a good job to try. There are paid positions out there, but also voluntary for those who don’t need the extra money.

The National Trust is an example of an organisation with many volunteering opportunities in some of the UK’s most beautiful locations.


For the more experienced and specialist among you, consulting in your old field can be a great way of a) getting back into the industry and b) earning very good rates for your expert knowledge.

How much could you earn? – A lot, if you’re an expert. From £100 a day to a £2000 a day, it really does depend on your experience, drive and ability to prove your value.

Executive directorships

Non executive directors sit on company boards and offer strategic direction and guidance to other board members. This kind of position is mostly available to those who held directorships before retiring. It’s very sought after and competition is high for this kind of role.

How much could you earn? – For sitting maybe 20 days a year on a board, a NED could expect between £15,000 and £40,000 depending on the size of the company. For FTSE 100 firms, this could rise as high as £100,000 and you can have more than one NED role at a time.