Have you thought about turning your hobby into a small business? Many people do, and if you’re a skilled crafts-person (or even experienced hobbyist) you too could could turn it into an enjoyable cash generating tool.

Outside of the usual craft fairs and fetes , you can use marketplaces on the internet to market and sell your goods. Here are some of the most popular:


Etsy is the most well-known of the craft marketplaces. It’s also a great place to scout out if there is a gap in the market for your items. If not, you can see how similar sellers are pricing their items. It is global so has a large potential customer pool.

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Folksy is a British based marketplace for selling your arts & crafts. They have an easy to use site and also a useful blog, with posts like this one on how to use twitter to grow your sales.

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Misi is another UK based marketplace. Don’t forget that you can sell on multiple platforms at the same time – so why not? Misi is fairly easy to navigate and has a good amount of categories to sell into.

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Coriandr is fairly old-school in its layout, harking back to early 2000s websites. However this is another site with a good amount of categories and large array of products.

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