You may have heard about airbnb recently, given that its one of the fastest growing companies in the world. You may also know that you can use airbnb to rent out rooms in your home for a bit more income (provided you don’t mind guests!).

Doing it via airbnb has a few advantages compared to normal renting. Firstly, you’re not stuck with your guests long term. Secondly, it’s easier to try and then stop if you’re not keen after your initial experiences. Thirdly, you could even make more money than renting, as good rooms in nice locations can charge similar rates to hotels per night! If you were to rent 1 room in London, you could achieve around £350+ a week on average.So how should you go about decorating to maximise your earnings potential?

1) Make the most of the old mirror trick

We all know this one – adding a mirror reflects more lights around the room and gives the illusion of extra size. This is a great bonus when it comes to taking pictures to advertise your space too.

2) Put in flowers

Choose a  subtle and fine smelling flower to really give life to your space. Not only does this freshen up the air, but really makes your room look cared for and well maintained.

3) Modern colour schemes

Neutral and modern colour schemes are going to have the broadest appeal, meaning you’re likely to fill your bookings more reliably. Whites, light greys and creams provide a good background and a clean appearance.

4) Add statement items to stand out

With the luxury of a neutral decor, add some real eye candy with statement items that are bright and pop-out against the background. A bright chair here, a vivid modern picture there, a statement rug even. Just be careful not to overdo it, or the room can begin to look a bit messy.

5) Mix and match picture sizes

Add a bit of interest to your wall spaces but substituting large single pictures for a collage of smaller frames arranged in the same space. Stagger the arrangement to make for a modern and thoughtful appearance. Keep the images non-personal and universally appealing. Think old pop stars and classic genre icons.