We know it can be a bit of a cliche, but there’s a reason why retirement is associated with cruises – because they’re brilliant! Besides, it’s your retirement so who cares. Your only job now is to enjoy yourself.

So. Here we go with some of the the best cruise companies to satisfy your sea legs.

Celebrity cruises

Tired of watching X-factor, seeing the judges get in the fancy cars and wondering what sort of exotic hotel they’re being whisked away to? Well, scratch some of that itch with a cruise designed around exactly that lifestyle! With sumptuous accommodation, worldwide destinations and great offers (Free drinks and up to $500 (£344 as of 7/6/16) to spend on board!) – this is one company worth investigating.


Viking cruises

“Viking”. Now there’s a name you wouldn’t normally associated with a peaceful voyage! However, Viking are less likely to pillage your town and more likely to wrap in you chic Scandinavian cabin spaces, feed you truffles and take you down rivers and across oceans in luxury. The captain may not have a pointy helmet, but perhaps let him take you on a tour of the Scandinavian ares, rather than the typical cruise destinations.


Saga cruises

As a household name, Saga have 65 years experience in travel and a host of awards to show for it. Saga cruises are well known and you’ll be travelling with fellow over 50s, ensuring that you’ll get more of the peace and quiet that you might be craving. One of the best things about Saga is the scale of the freebies. From a 250 mile radius door-to-door chauffeur service to wines with lunch and dinner, sailors can expect a generous deal.


Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean are another well known name in the cruise industry. They have a range of deals at the moment and you may find something of good value on a decent selection of destinations. However, from the pictures on their website, the accommodation isn’t as decadent as some of the others on this list, nor what you’d expect when you think of the word “Royal”. But that’s just the opinion of one, so make sure you have a look for yourself as well.


Voyages to Antiquity

Fancy something a little different? Something that really gets up close to the culture and history of your destinations? Perhaps you need to trade the ocean liner for a smaller ship. Voyages to Antiquity offer a more unique experience for adventurers looking to explore the Eastern and Western Mediterranean, Northern France, Iceland, Ireland and the British Isles. Not only that, but the boutique boat and classic cabins should make for a very comfortable stay.