Chances are we’ve all collected a load of tat over the years. So why not de-clutter the house and make some extra money at the same time? There are a variety of places online which act as a marketplace for you to sell your items.


The mother of all de-cluttering sites, eBay lets you auction off your unwanted items to the highest bidder. All you have to do is list the item and then post them off. Be warned, bids might not get as high as you’d like. There is the option to minimum bids, however these often add extra charges to the cost of listing an item for sale. However, there are often ‘sales’ on where eBay cut or relinquish these charges for a period of time, so be alert.

The Telegraph have put together a beginners guide to using eBay to help you get started.


Amazon started as an online bookshop, but quickly grew into the world’s largest shop. You too can become a seller if you have items to get rid off. There is no bidding on Amazon, so you must decide on a price when you create a listing.

Read up on how to sell on Amazon

Music Magpie

Great for selling CDs, DVDs and books, Music Magpie has now expanded to electronic items such as phones. This site takes the stress of selling out the items as it will give you a set price and guarantee a payment if the item is in good condition. Just print off the free postage slip, box up the items and they will send you the money. Easy!


Gum tree is a listings site where you can advertise items for sale. It’s much more localised that the above, and is better for bigger items like furniture if you’re happy with handling face to face pick-up and dealing.