Low cost airlines mean that even on a reduced post-retirement budget, more people can afford to get away for a foreign break.

Here are a few of the most popular airlines that fly from the UK to countless destinations in Europe.

Ryan Air – Although the victim of bad press in the past, RyanAir has recently started a more customer friendly initiative and is now generally considered a good airline for the cost. This is especially true when you can fly to Europe for less than £20 a seat. That is less than a meal out!

Norwegian – Norwegian have risen to popularity recently as a very good quality airline for the cost. Comfortable flights can be had to Europe for less than £30 and less than £150 to destinations in America!

Easy Jet – Easy Jet remain a good choice for budget travel and short haul flights, flying to many destinations in Europe, Scandinavia and North Africa. Take a romantic visit to a European city for under £30 a seat.

Flybe – Flybe has a good range of European and UK flights, however it loses out in most instances to the prices from other providers. Still, its inexpensive so worth a look if there are no flights available on other carriers.

British Airways – a more surprisingly addition to the list, the British institution was not formally known for low cost. However, if you’re savvy, European flights can be had from £35 each way, with good deals on accommodation available also.

You don’t have to rely purely on the airline websites to book your tickets. Supermarket style sites like expedia will search all flights to destinations to ensure you see the best tickets. however, they may not offer the same deals as if you went to the airline direct. So check both before you confirm and pay.