Unless you’ve spent a few years already donning the Lycra and flexing your muscles in the gym, keeping fit can often seem like a bit of a chore. You didn’t retire just to spend all your time at the gym instead! The good news is that some gym classes are not only beneficial to your health, but really fun too!

Gym Classes

With fading friendships and health being problems for many retirees, why not combine social and fitness together and take a gym class? There is a mind-boggling range out there, so a few of the most popular are listed here. If you’re unsure, pop down to your local gym and ask what’s available. Don’t forget to check for discounts too!

1) Yoga

Yoga is a brilliant way to combine relaxation and exercise, giving you some brilliant stretches which can help anyone feel more flexible day to day. It’s very accessible, with beginners classes focusing on simple positions and breathing. As you progress, you’ll feel the benefits in your general flexibility, posture and muscle tone.

There are classes available all over the UK. YogaClassNearYou lets you find a class based on your postcode.

2) Pilates

Pilates is designed to build up the strength in the key parts of your body, such as your core and back, in turn benefiting your breathing and posture. It is known to help relieve pains from arthritis and sore joints an can benefit your circulation. Its currently a very popular class to take, so you won’t be short of fellow beginners to learn with.

Looking for a class? www.pilates.co.uk have a directory just for you.

3) Aqua aerobics/fitness

Don’t fancy a classroom? Why not jump into the pool instead!

There are a number of reasons why working out in the water is perfect for those over 50.

  • You don’t get as hot and bothered as you would in a classroom.
  • The water acts as a support and ballast, meaning it’s perfect for those with joint problems.
  • The water resistance benefits your strength as well as your general fitness.
  • Water pressure benefits circulation, so your body comes under less stress during the workout!

Check out the video below from Stephanie Stephens from ‘Mind your body’ over in the USA. It looks fun!

4) Zumba

As Zumba is fairly uptempo it requires a bit more of a foundation in fitness,  so it may not be suitable for everyone. It combines aerobics with Latin dance and has the main benefit of burning a lot of calories. This activity can be quite stressful on the body if you’re not fit already, so make sure you check with your doctor and the gym instructor before you start. Alternatively, look for an over-50s class with slightly modified pacing or try one of the other classes above!