Summer is here, and now that the sun is finally coming out it’s a great time to appreciate a Great British day out. Not to mention that now you’re retired, you can avoid the crowds by going mid-week. Now that’s certainly something we’ve been dreaming of for years!

Here are five ideas to get you started.

1) National Trust

We’re so lucky in the UK to have some of the greatest open houses and gardens in the world. Brimming with history, these destinations make for not only a nice day out, but also an education about some of the most iconic figures in British history.

Our pick – For a truly historic day, pay a visit to Chartwell, home of Winston Churchill.

2) English Heritage

In a similar theme, go back even further in time to explore over 400 of the UK’s eldest historical sites.

Our pick – Go all the way back to AD 43 with a selection of Roman ruins all over the country.

3) Groupon experiences

Groupon offers a great way to get discounts on a variety of experiences. From rooftop dining to days at the race course, you can find a bargain that will suit every taste.

Our pick – Make a new furry friend and get some exercise at the same time with an Alpaca Trek for two at Alpaca Annie in Burmarsh.

4) Pop abroad for a weekend

With flights sometimes cheaper than a meal out, why not take advantage of a low cost trip to a European city for a weekend?

Many sites offer cheap flights and accommodation, but two of the most reputable are: – a real time resource for booking flights and hotels, with everything from budget to budget busting. – a fantastic resource to see user reviews of destinations and entertainment all over the world.

5) Local walks

Going abroad can be a bit of a hassle, so what about something right outside your front door? Both countryside and cities have some fantastic walks that allow you to take in your surroundings at a relaxed place.

These online destinations are a great starting point for mapping your future walks! –  over 18,000 pages dedicated to walking around the UK. – look at over 2,500 different routes across Britain.