Tired of looking under the sofa cushions for a bit of extra cash? Instead of searching for pennies, try some of these methods for generating or saving extra pounds!

1) Claim the state benefits that you are entitled to

It may sound obvious, but a startling amount of people are not claiming all of the government benefits that they are entitled to in retirement. You worked all your life paying into the system, so make sure it is looking after you now.

Current benefits in the UK (as at 4/6/16) include the state pension, Pension Credit, travel discounts, free prescriptions, winter fuel allowance and even additional Christmas payments. There are many circumstances where you can be eligible for extra payments, so be sure to investigate.

Try Citizens Advice’s easy and fast Benefits calculator which will give you a clear list of benefits available to you. It does not require any personal data to use.

2) Reduce your household utility bills

We won’t tell you to put on a jumper instead of the heating or not have a nice bath when you want it. Although this is the cliche view, lets look at another option first!

Household bills eat away at a large portion of anyones income, let alone those who live on a smaller budget. For many, these costs could be easily reduced just by shopping around – and that is easier than ever before.

Try these websites to see how your current provider stacks up against others:
Compare the market

If, after shopping around, you are with the most cost efficient provider, contact them to make sure you are on the best tarrif for your circumstances.