Retirement. No more alarm clock, no more bosses, no more commute, no more worries! Right?

So why do so many people struggle with retired life?

1) Lack of reasons to start the day

Stopping work means you no longer have the obligation to be somewhere for 9am. Or, indeed, at any time of the day. Without this structure, some people can struggle to organise their time after so many years.

Keep the alarm clock active, make a list of things that need doing and know that your hobbies and interests are just as important now as your job was last week.

2) Lack of financial planning

A lack of financial planning can leave some retirees with serious regrets and financial insecurity.

The only real solution to this is proper planning, years ahead of the your retirement date. There are many retirement calculators online that can help you determine the affordability of retirement, and if you will have income sufficient enough to meet your expectations.

If you have already retirement, be sure to know how to boost your retirement income and also what kind of discounts you can get to make life a little bit easier.

3) Relationship strains

Going from 8-10 hours a day at work and seeing your partner in the evening to seeing them all day every day can be a shock for some couples. In japan this was even termed ‘retired husband syndrome’.

Be sure to take care of your relationship and maintain a certain level of independence. Communicate as much as possible and allow each other some space to breathe if needed.

If one partner is still working, try to support them and take some of the household tasks off their hands during the day.

4) Maintaining friendships

We can develop a lot of friendships through work, so taking away this social outlet can mean that some people fade away. This can leave some retirees feeling lonely, especially if they have retired early compared to their peers.

Be sure to maintain some form of social outlet. Keep contact with family and friends in the evenings,  or on social networks such as Facebook (or LinkedIn for professionals). Look for social clubs in your area, or clubs dedicated to a hobby you have or would like to start.

5) Declining health

Declining health is inevitable as we get older, but easily slowed down if we proactively look after ourselves.

Spending just 15 minutes a day can help, even if its just a walk around into town. If you’re a bit more adventurous, join and gym and sign up for some classes. Cardio is great for the heart and you’ll feel better after it, just check with a doctor first if you’re not 100% sure about your capabilities.